We’ve Built a New Responsive Website!

Dunning Anderson responsive websiteAs an increasing number of people access the internet via iPhones, iPads, a huge variety of smart phones, tablets and even wrist mounted devices, a responsive or mobile-friendly web site is essential. That’s why we’ve rebuilt the Dunning Anderson web site in this format, because we know from experience you never know when you might need us!

These new devices have changed the way websites need to work, and the design needs to ensure that the user experience is optimized, regardless of the screen size, the way the device interacts with the site, whether it has a keyboard, physical buttons or touch screens.

Having a mobile-friendly website is also essential with what’s called Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short). As mobile devices overtake the sale of desktops, we want to make sure you can find us quickly and easily using search engines like Google.

We hope that you will find the Dunning Anderson website, easier to use and to navigate, with the minimum of resizing, panning or scrolling. The content is designed to move freely across all screen resolutions and devices, for an excellent user experience with whatever device that takes your fancy, whether that’s a vintage desktop PC or the latest iPad Air.

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