Why Make A Will?

Many of us don’t want to think about making a will, but it is an unfortunate fact of life that at some time in the future we will all die. We can approach this sad fact realistically, by planning ahead and making sure that our families are protected and provided for, or we can ignore this and let our families take their chances. If no Will is in place then the intestacy rules will apply. The consequences of this can be far-reaching and difficult for those left behind.

Making Your WillMaking a Will leaves certainty on the deceased’s wishes, and gives everyone the knowledge that proper thought has gone into what has to happen after the event. If the intestacy rules are to apply there is, for example, no guarantee that a spouse will be protected or that children will be looked after.

There is also, as some may know, a television programme called “Heir Hunters”. This programme shows what happens when a person dies without immediate family and intestate. The cost to the beneficiaries of being tracked down in such a way can be quite high, and although there is an argument which says that these beneficiaries are getting something unexpected and so the cost is immaterial, it may be that the person who died really did not want this to happen.

Your Will can be prepared in a number of ways. A kit can be purchased from stationers and a form filled in by the person making the Will. If it is completed satisfactorily the Probate Registry will admit the Will and all can go ahead. However the normal time when this is checked by the Registry is after the death and if errors are made it is too late to do anything about it.

There are a number of sites on the Internet where you can make your Will online. Again the problem arises that if there is a problem it comes to light after the event. The same result follows.

We believe that the best way to deal with your affairs is to seek advice from a professional. We have many years experience in preparing Wills and will advise you on the potential impact of your proposals. There are often many unforeseen consequences to your decisions which we can draw to your attention so that you may make an informed decision and, as a consequence, modify your proposals if necessary. This really is a decision the importance of which cannot be understated.

Once you have made your will with us, we will keep it for you in safekeeping without charge and provide you with certified copies. If you want to keep the original, we will keep certified copies so that if anything happens to your copy there is always a backup plan in place to make sure that there are no problems if you have lost or destroyed the Will and have not had a chance to replace it before your death.

Please arrange to come and see us to discuss your requirements. You can contact us here or telephone the office for an appointment on 01993 840 200. The initial appointment is without obligation and we will explain the costs involved and confirm everything to you in writing. You can go forward with confidence knowing that you and your will be properly looked after by qualified professionals who will listen to you and create exactly what you need.

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